The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Last night, the Mom's neck must have been cold because when I plopped down on it she said "you're such a good neck warmer, Buddah," and I stayed there for a long time and purred, and when she said "if you move half an inch either way I won't be able to breath," I moved a whole inch and she said "well, that's just so much better" so I knew she was happy.

Then this morning I helped her wake up. I curled up right next to her face and put my nose on her cheek and she opened her eyes and said "well good morning to you, too," and then she scratched my head and said, "I can't see the clock with you right there," but tat was okay because she didn't have her extra eyeballs on so she couldn't see the clock anyway so she decided if I was there it must be time to wake up, so she did!

She was gone a lot this weekened and we missed her, so today we're going to take turns sitting on her. Max says he didn't really miss her, he missed her opening the laptop for him. I think he's still just mad that she got mad at him when it was really early in the morning, so early it was still dark out, because he meowed at her to get up then and when she opened and eye and said "go away" he hit her face with his paw and she made him get off the bed.

He should cuddle with her. She'll get up for that.


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