The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I have a new fun place to sit and nap if I want! I can jump on the counter, then jump on the figerater, and then on top of the cubberds! Max said I could go up there if I wanted but first i didn't believe him because sometimes he just wants me to get in trouble, but it looked like so much fun I decided to try anyway. And you know what, he was right! The Mom saw me and said "Look where you got to!" and she wasn't mad at all. She worried that I didn't know how to get down, so she put treats on top of the figerater and I jumped down to eat them, so she said "Ok, you know the way down. You can go up there."

Later I went back up there and I found this bag of different treats on top of the figerater, so I grabbed them and jumped to the floor, but the Dad found me before I could rip the bag open with my teeths and eat them. He didn't get mad he just said I couldn't have them.

Max also says that if I get up there and lay down, they won't be able to see me, and I can listen to them running around crying "Where's Buddah? I can't find Buddah!" He says it's really funny. So I might do that later.


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