The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh you know what? last night there was real live fresh dead shrimp and a lot of the time I let Max have mine and I get crunchies instead but last night I ate mine and then Max jumped up on the counter because he assumed he was going to get mine, and all there was was a plate to lick and I don't think it made him very happy but I was laffin and laffin!


Oooohhhhh shrimp!!!

Shrimp. I haven't had shrimp in forever!

GOod for you cleaning your plate.

Maybe we can have real live dead shrimp for Christmas? Teri said she thought about bringing home a lobster head from her work Christmas party last night but figured we'd hide it someplace and it would start to smell after a few days, laffin and laffin

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