The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh no! Today was a horrible day and even though the horrible is over I can still smell it all over the house and it smells like woofy and I got to see the woofy because the Mom picked me up and showed me to him while the Other Dad held him and I was not happy but I didn't cry, not until I saw this:

On the chair

He sat in my special spot and the Other Dad was sitting on the Gizzy and I think they let the woofy sit on the Gizzy too because I can smell him all over it and I don't know what I'll do because I don't think I'll ever get over this and then I heard the Mom and the Dad say that the woofy is coming back soon and he's staying for 4 whole days and they won't be here to protect me and I think the Other Dad will but the woofy might eat me.


Oh no! What a horrible thing! I hope it never happens again. Is it gone yet?

Oh no!! What is that woofie doing in your spot??!? This just isn't right!

Four whole days! This is terrible. Surely the Other human will protect you!

I hope that it doesn't chew on the gizzy when it's there for 4 days! I saw it in Max's bed too and it looked bigger in that picture.

Oh, no, four whole days of a woofie leaving woofie smells all over your stuff. I'm sure that the Other Dad will protect you from the woofie, but it's going to be a scary time for you.

Buddah, you'll have to come stay with me.

Huffle Mawson

Hmm.... We think you can take him, Buddha!

That's a little woofie. If you give him a good bop on the nose, you might make him pee.


Oh Buddah! That's just terrible that the woofie did all that and took over your spot and is coming back for four whole days without your mom and dad being there to protect you! (And now we're starting to write like you! MOL)

We think you and Max together could probably take him out, but maybe you should both go stay somewhere else. Although it's not fair that you be chased out of your house... Maybe you and Max should eat the woofie before it eats you!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Buddah, we are so very sorry about the woofie in your home! Tell The Mom to wash your Gizzy Quilt immediately, if not sooner.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Buddah, I seriously think you and Max need to come here while that creature is there and then while the house is fumigated and stuff and then while all your things are replaced and boy I just wrote a sentence like you!

Butters is going to stay at your house while your Man & Woman are away??!!
AND he's gonna get his doggie self all over your stuff!?!
The Boy loves you too guys also so maybe it will be ok........

Is the dog back yet?

Oh noes Buddah! Oh noes oh noes!!!!!
I do not wants you to be nommed up!


Hmmm, he looks pretty small, Buddah. You and Max could totally take him to school, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.


oh man. i'll bet his evil alter ego made him sit on your Gizzy. i'm sure Butters wouldn't disrespect you by himself...

eatin' half a can is good. my Mom gave me a new kind. It's that disney brand and it's Chicken Catchatory or somethin' like that. I don't usually like wet food but this was soooooo good I licked the floor around the plate to make sure I got every drop!

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