The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! I got a new box!

I does too fit!

The Mom thinks it's funny but I dunno why.

And her friend in Wiskeronsin sended me some duckies!


The Mom says they were for her but I don't think so. What's she gonna do with duckies? I knew as soon as she opened the package they were for me and I tried very hard to tell her that and it took her a while to realize they were perfect for Buddah.

I tried to nom one

Nom da duckie?

but it doesn't taste like chicken, oh no...


Be careful Buddah!! Those duckies are evil. Mom has some duckies like that, not the Ninja ones, but similar. Santa Duck puffs air at us when Mom squeezes him. SCARY!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Cookie and Caramel (the fosters)

You kind of overflow your new box, Buddah. The duckies look like fun.

We've never had duckies. If they don't taste like chick-hen... what DO they taste like, Buddah?

Welcome back Buddah... We missed you lots. LOTS. We're glad you came back wif lotsa good "NEW"s. NEW box and NEW ducks!

those ducks are so very cool!

Those duckies look fun. I would carry them around and meow with my mouth full if I had duckies like that.


dude! whatta bonanza!! we KNOW yer gonna haf fun wif them duckies!!!

--the meowers

I love your new box. Boxes are so cool!

WE thinks you are a little big for that box. Those duckies look like fun. Kirby wants to come help you hunt them!

Uh, Buddah...that box doesn't *quite* fit you, dear. But hey, as long as you're happy with it...

Those duckies look like fun, we hope you enjoy them!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew


Good to hear from you. We have missed you on the blogosphere.

Like your box and presents. I think it will be the ninja ducks that will have to be careful with a deadly hunter like you on their trail.


I think you're a perfect fit for that box, Buddah! Why don't the duckies taste like duck?

It looks like somebody ordered the wrong size box for you. Those ninja duckies look very tasty.

Hi Buddah!

I think the duckies are bathtub toys for the Mom, but if she doesn't do baths, maybe she'll let you have them all. The duckies look like fun toys.

Buddah, I just realized while looking at your new pictures, that you look a lot like Bates, my first cat from the 1980s. Bates was a girl cat though. The person who gave Bates to me said it was a boy, but then when she got to be about 6 months old, she made a lot of noises in the night, because she was in heat. I named her Bates after my mother's maiden name.

We're glad you're back, Buddah.


You're shiny.

I don't know if you are more famous, just that you have a funny name!

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