The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ohhhhh I know I've been a bad blogging kitty but first I was really busy playing with my new Christmas toys and then I losted the best ones and I was looking for them and I'm not sure where they are but the Dad says I probably knocked them under the china cabinet and he's probably right but I stuck my paw in as far as I could and I didn't feel them which makes me a little sad.

Then I was just too embarrassed because I was in the litter box and the Mom came in and she usually says "Excuse me!" and leaves so I can finish but this time she stayed and she used the people little box at the same time! I was so embarrassed and I wanted to finish in private but I couldn't just STOP so I closed my eyes and tried to pretend no one was watching but then she started talking to me so I couldn't pretend anymore, and well it was just humiliating.

And then I had these fun boxes and was playing with them a lot and the Dad said it was trash day and they had to go into recycling so I jumped in one so he couldn't take it and he took the other one and the Mom said "Sweetie, it's time for the box to go" but I didn't move so she looked up and said "Let him keep it one more week." Whew.

Oh, and tonight I got crunchies and Max didn't because the Mom was all stealthy and sneaked them to me while he was upstairs!


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