The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

A few days ago Max said "Sunday is Father's Day" and I wanted to know what that was and he said "It's when men get presents from their kids and sometimes women who are both mom and dad to their kids" and I said "Oh no! I don't have a present for the Dad!" and he said that was all right and that we weren't expected to get anything but I really really wanted to get him something and asked Max to give me some of his money and he sighed really hard and said "All right, we'll make the Woman go shopping. What do you want to get him?" but I didn't know so I asked Max what he would like and Max thought for a while and said, "Seedies. He would like a couple of seedies." So that's what we asked the Mom to get. Seedies! Well, Max got him something to watch on TV that he thought was good because the people on it use the F-word alot and Max thinks that's pretty funny, but that's just how Max is.

After the Dad woke up he got to open his presents and he really liked them and said he was going to make copies of his seedies! And then the Other Dad took him to the room where the rumbly bikes sleep to show him the present he got, it's this giant box to cook food on outside and it has a shiny cover so the birds won't poop on the food. He really really liked it. But I think he likes the seedies more because he wanted to make copies of them before he went to pass gas tonight. He didn't want to make copies of anything else.

Oh and you know what? You don't plant seedies to grow anything from them. I think all you do is make copies of them. If you keep making copies then you have lots of seedies, and if you have lots of seedies you win!


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