The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


I was taking a nap today and when I waked up I went into the Mom's office and this was there waiting for me! Max was looking at it but he was more like "Eh, it's a cube" but I wanted to get inside and play so I did and there's a dangly thing at the top I can play with and I can curl up in there and look out of it, and the Mom said "I thought you would like that. Lots of the other kitties have them and they seem to like it" and she was right I do!

Max wants to know where his present is because he doesn't think that's a good present and if I like it that means it's mine and he wants a present too dammit. Oh, but I'm not supposed to say dammit. He wants crunchy treats but the Mom said "Not right now." I would like a crunchy treat too but I'll go play in my cube instead.


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