The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh I am not happy right now because I am really hungry and the Mom won't get up and get me something to eat. Every day I get hungry right in the middle of the day and I go stand on the stairs and say "Please, I am hungry, can I have something to eat?" and the Mom comes over and asks what the racket is all about and I say again "I am really really really hungry can I have a snack?" and she comes down the stairs and follows me into the kitchen and when I sit in front of the door that hides all the food she says "Oh! You're hungry!" so Max and I get a little snack.

So today I said I was hungry and she looked at me and said "One, you're starting an hour early and two, I'm onto you, Little Man, and I can't let you start begging the way Max does. If you go play nicely, I'll sneak you something to eat in a little while." But I'm hungry NOW! The number thingy on the computer says 1130AM and that means Buddah gets a snack! I'm not begging I am asking vey nicely!

Oh and you know what? The other day there were people heads outside our window! Max and I saw them, popping up and down behind the fence that keeps us from seeing what's going on in the other people's yard. It was a bunch of sticky little people heads, they were going up and down and up and down and up and down. Max thinks there were bodies attached to the heads and they were jumping on some tramp named Orlean, but I never saw any bodies, just heads. And I think it's really rude to jump on a tramp. It's rude to call someone a tramp! If I were Orlean I think I would bite someone.


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